Buying a Pine Desk: Considerations to Bear in Mind

A pine desk is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a strong, durable and attractive wooden desk for a home study, bedroom or living room. For a room which already has pine furniture inside or similar styles, then a pine desk will be an affordable and suitable addition to just about any interior. However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind when choosing a desk made from pine.

Contemplate what is already in the room in which you want the new desk to be located. Be aware of the colours, shades and textures of existing furniture pieces as well as walls and flooring. How much natural daylight does the home office or bedroom get? All these factors will play a part in deciding on what type of pine desk to buy. For example, a light coloured desk will best suit an interior that has small windows and does not get that much sunshine. Alternatively, a darker pine desk will be ideal for a larger room which requires a more rustic feel and charm.

There are a variety of pine woods available to buy. These include the knotty and the clear pine. As the names suggest, the knotty pine has a more natural look and feel due to the knots present in the wood, whist the clear pine is free from any knots and is extremely smooth. Depending on existing décor as well as the theme of said room, the choice of pine will play an important factor.

Pine is a soft wood and therefore the location of the pine desk within an interior space is a consideration that warrants some attention. Ideally, the desk should be kept out of direct sunlight as extreme temperatures will over time damage and weaken the surface of the wood. The same can be said of humidity levels if they are too high. Luckily in Britain this is not so much of a factor as it would be say in the Mediterranean world.

A positive factor regarding pine furniture in general is its affordability. Pine desks are usually very good quality and are very good value for money. When shopping online, it’s always good to compare prices and types to ensure you’ll find the best pine desk for your hard earned money. The desks can be found in a multitude of styles, including those with drawers and those without. You’ll know when you see the picture, which pine desk is right for you.

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