Round Black Photo Framework With a Sculptural Difference

If you’re seeking a contemporary series of photo frames for your holiday snaps or children’s artwork, then this sculptural round black photo frame might be just what you’re looking for. With five picture frames in one sculptural framework and a series of little box shelves, this unit fulfils a number of functions. The most important of these is the decorative touch it will give to any interior in the home.

Some of my favourite furniture pieces and accessories are ones that allow the user to personalise the object. Creativity can certainly reign with this round sculptural wall photo framework which can be used not only to hold pictures but also little trinkets, hanging decorations and various other bits’n’bobs. As a former student, I can see this would also be an eye-catching addition to a Halls of Residence room or kitchen.

With dashes of colour and various textural additions, the circular sculptural picture framework will stand out as an attractive element to any wall.

You can buy this item from here: Round Black Photo Framework With a Sculptural Difference.

Price: £19

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