Tomato Red Cleo CD Storage and Bookcase

Bookcases in most instances are rather plain when it comes to tone and colour. This is definitely not the case with this eye-catching tomato red CD storage and bookcase. If you’re looking for an item of furniture to bring a dash of colour to your interiors then this Cleo bookcase is the piece to buy. […]

Desk Lamps: The Various Types You Can Buy

The desk lamp we are most familiar with are the ones that can be placed on a flat surface such as a table or writing desk. Designs of desk lamps have changed quite a bit over the centuries. They first developed as simple lamps with a pillar rising from a circular base with a light […]

Quirky Printed Bird Box Cushion

Do you know someone who enjoys watching little birds flutter to and fro in the garden? If so this delightful bird cushion will make a wonderful gift next time you visit. Many of us like to put nuts and seeds out during the colder months on order to provide nourishment to the large variety of […]

A Brief History of Celtic Motifs in Art and Design

The Celtic people dominated vast swathes of central and western Europe, including the British Isles, from approximately 650 BC through to the Roman conquest. Experienced metal workers, these people excelled in natural stone carving as well as bronze and gold work. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire during the 5th century, the Celts appeared […]

Dark Brown Bamboo Table Runner

Table runners are ideal decorative accessories for a dining room or kitchen table. They can fulfil both functional and aesthetic functions depending on the setting and situation. The dark brown bamboo table runner pictured below is a more natural alternative to the fabric versions which are more widespread. Bamboo is strong enough to withstand all […]