Desk Lamps: The Various Types You Can Buy

The desk lamp we are most familiar with are the ones that can be placed on a flat surface such as a table or writing desk. Designs of desk lamps have changed quite a bit over the centuries. They first developed as simple lamps with a pillar rising from a circular base with a light bulb at the top. These had shades which directed the light down to the writing surface and often had a pull chain with which to turn the light on and off.

As the 20th Century progressed, desk lamps changed into the styles we are probably more familiar with today. Metal became the material of choice for manufacturers and the on/off button was accessed via a simple switch or button. Ultra-modern desk lamps even have features which allowed a simple touch anywhere on the lamp to switch the bulb on and off. These are especially popular with the young but also provide many benefits for the elderly or disabled.

A lot of desk lamps these days come with flexible arms which allow the lamp base to remain in one position but the light bulb to be moved around. This allows the direction of the light to be manoeuvred so as to provide a more comfortable and appropriate level of brightness depending on the situation. A further improvement was made in allowing the arm to swivel a full 360 degrees thereby providing an even greater range of light focus.

Another form of desk lamp is the clamping light. This comes with a base that can be attached, or clamped, to the edge of a table, bookcase or shelf. When space is at a premium on the desk surface, then these clamping desk lamps can be highly beneficial as well as usable in a wider variety of interior environments.

As well as the main body designs of desk lamps, the light bulbs themselves also come in a wide range of styles. Full-spectrum lighting is a popular alternative to the regular light bulb as this can provide a more natural light when reading or writing. Many of these desk lamps are rectangular in appearance and can also be carried from room to room with relative ease.

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