Tomato Red Cleo CD Storage and Bookcase

Bookcases in most instances are rather plain when it comes to tone and colour. This is definitely not the case with this eye-catching tomato red CD storage and bookcase. If you’re looking for an item of furniture to bring a dash of colour to your interiors then this Cleo bookcase is the piece to buy.

The tomato red bookcase is comprised of 14 storage areas in which books, CDs and just about any other small accessory can be placed. Most of the bookshelves have an open back but a few have a closed back which provide security to the small CD casings. These can also be the ideal places for items with contrasting colours to the red of the bookcase itself. Perhaps black or yellow sculptures or ornaments, not to mention flowers.

You can buy this furniture piece here: Tomato Red Cleo CD Storage and Bookcase

Price: £129

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