Black Bedside Cabinet Choices

“Where on earth can I find a nice black bedside cabinet?”, you might be asking yourself. Worry not for I have a few suggestions in this post. Bedside cabinets are perfect furniture pieces to sit beside your bed, as the name aptly suggests. They can be used to place a bedside lamp on as well […]

Mink Athena Sofa Bed: Perfect For Surprise Visitors

A sofa bed is a great furniture piece to acquire if you regularly entertain friends and guests. Sometimes, perhaps due to too much wine or a lengthy drive home, the visitor might well be invited to stay the night. This mink Athena sofa bed is the perfect answer to the problem of where they are […]

S-Shaped Wall Mounted Shoe Storage Rack

Looking to impress visiting friends and family with something a little extra special in the hallway? Try this s-shaped wall mounted shoe storage rack from the j-me design team. The nest shoe rack provides an ultra-modern shoe storage fixture for footwear of just about any size and type. Perfect for your work shoes, trainers, high-heels, […]

Silver Magazine Rack With the Word ‘News’ on the Side

Magazine and newspaper racks are very handy accessories in a home where reading about the latest developments in the world of politics, fashion and culture is prevalent. All too often, our magazines end up sprawled out on a table, stuffed between books on a shelf or left on the floor and kicked under the sofa. […]

Dark Oak Nest Tables – Solid and Robust

If you’re looking for a small table which is complimentary to your existing décor and also saves on space, then these dark oak nest tables might well be what you’re searching for. Floor space wise, they are the equivalent of a single table but as the image below suggests, you get three tables for the […]

Kitchen Polka Dot Clock

Need a little extra colour and vibrancy on your kitchen wall? Combine time-keeping and expressive decor with this bright and breezy polka dot clock. Shaped just like a plate, this circular wall clock will look nice on any type of wall and is designed to match with complimenting tableware also in the colourful polka dot […]

Multiple Photo Frame Wall Clock For A Contemporary Living Space

Instead of numbers, you have photo frames. This is the basis for this highly contemporary multiple photo frame wall clock. Made from stainless steel, the unique time piece is an ideal accessory for the funky and modern-looking home. Placed on a living room wall, this dynamic piece will act as both a clock and a […]

Cherry Red Teapots From London Pottery

In China, the colour red is a symbol of luck and fortune. The practice of drinking tea also has a long and varied history in China. This cherry red teapot from the London Pottery Company is an energetic and vibrant tone of red and can be symbolic of summer, passion, success and even fertility. Placed […]

Rustic Mango Wood Malabar Bureau

A rustic bureau can add a touch of elegance and history to a home study, living room or bedroom. This rustic mango wood Malabar Bureau is just such a furniture piece that will bring a natural grace to an interior. Store your writing materials, books, stationary and other important documents inside and let the outside […]

Buying Bath Towels: Considerations to Bear in Mind

The buying of bath towels requires a little thought and consideration. There are a number of factors to consider before making that final purchase. Available in many different colours and designs, the humble bath towel, due to its size, becomes a fundamental part of one’s interior décor. After all, a lurid orange towel in your […]

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