Black Bedside Cabinet Choices

“Where on earth can I find a nice black bedside cabinet?”, you might be asking yourself. Worry not for I have a few suggestions in this post. Bedside cabinets are perfect furniture pieces to sit beside your bed, as the name aptly suggests. They can be used to place a bedside lamp on as well as for the placement of spectacles, books, clocks, cups and any other objects you might require to be close to hand during the night.

Most cabinets of this variety are found in plain wood which fit in with most existing interior design schemes but not all. Sometimes you really just need a black bedside cabinet in order to strike the right balance between, say, your bedding and the surrounding furnishings. There is of course the option of painting an old wooden cabinet with black paint but more often than not it is quicker, cleaner and even cheaper to buy an already designed black version from online.

Bedside cabinet tables come in various shapes, sizes and styles which can fit snugly in your bedroom interior. These range from one drawer to three drawer cabinets in many different materials including wood and metal. Black bedside cabinet versions of all these varying types can usually be discovered.

For example, one of my favourites is this black 2 drawer bedside table with high gloss scratch resistant lacquer and smart chrome handles to complete the contemporary and stylish feel to the piece. Plenty of space in the drawers for bits and pieces as well as lots of surface space up top for a light, alarm clock, a glass of water and a pair of specs. Two of these on either side of a double bed will look absolutely stunning.

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