Cherry Red Teapots From London Pottery

In China, the colour red is a symbol of luck and fortune. The practice of drinking tea also has a long and varied history in China. This cherry red teapot from the London Pottery Company is an energetic and vibrant tone of red and can be symbolic of summer, passion, success and even fertility. Placed in a prominent position in your kitchen or dining room, the traditional round red teapot will add a wonderful injection of colour to your interior.

Brew the perfect cup of tea in this eye-catching red teapot made from earthenware. A cherry red glaze makes the pot shine and catch the light from whichever direction it so happens to come from. Match with cherry red cups, saucers and tableware or versions of a colour that match with the cherry red tone.

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Modern teapots are derived from the ancient kettles and pots that were a part of Chinese culture and life for thousands of years. Originally they would have been made from metals such as bronze. Later, as tea began to be shipped to Europe, porcelain teapots became very popular. This change in materials was also due to the fact that porcelain was highly durable in wet conditions and was thus easier to transport by ship without undue damage.

Teapots, especially those made from porcelain, were very desirable in Europe. This was because the material was not made in European nations at that time. It wasn’t until the aptly named William Cookworthy first discovered a way to make porcelain in 1765, that the material became widespread. Naturally, the teapot designs tended to mirror those of the old Chinese styles.

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