Mink Athena Sofa Bed: Perfect For Surprise Visitors

A sofa bed is a great furniture piece to acquire if you regularly entertain friends and guests. Sometimes, perhaps due to too much wine or a lengthy drive home, the visitor might well be invited to stay the night. This mink Athena sofa bed is the perfect answer to the problem of where they are going to sleep. It’s an attractive furniture feature whether presented as a sofa or a bed and thus it can claim a prominent position in the home such as in a living room.

One simple movement changes the mink-brown sofa into a comfortable and attractive bed. With the addition of some bedding, the sofa bed will be as good as the bed the visitor is familiar with in their own bedroom. A removable cover is easily dry cleaned and is designed to last a long time. Therefore, if you like to have family and friends over, you need not worry again about finding them a B&B or an uncomfortable place on the floor or regular sofa.

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