Multiple Photo Frame Wall Clock For A Contemporary Living Space

Instead of numbers, you have photo frames. This is the basis for this highly contemporary multiple photo frame wall clock. Made from stainless steel, the unique time piece is an ideal accessory for the funky and modern-looking home. Placed on a living room wall, this dynamic piece will act as both a clock and a photograph gallery all in one. Save space in a small room by combing what would otherwise take up a lot of wall area.

Twelve photo frames mean a variety of pictures and images can be displayed. Anything from vintage black and white photos, to colourful and contemporary art prints can be included. The dozen frames in the shape of a clock face means various subject matters can be formed such as a collection of family snaps from a holiday or perhaps postcards of your favourite European holiday destinations. For a student flat or accommodation, photographs of flatmates, parties and all sorts of weird and wonderful images can be included to help boost the creative identity of the location.

Clocks Photo Frames Wall Stickers

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