S-Shaped Wall Mounted Shoe Storage Rack

Looking to impress visiting friends and family with something a little extra special in the hallway? Try this s-shaped wall mounted shoe storage rack from the j-me design team. The nest shoe rack provides an ultra-modern shoe storage fixture for footwear of just about any size and type. Perfect for your work shoes, trainers, high-heels, sandals and even your slippers. Hook it up to a wall beside your main entrance way and you’ll have an easy to reach fixture from which to store and access your favourite shoes when needed.

The s-shaped squiggly shoe storage rack is wall mounted to allow for the saving of floor space which can be very helpful in narrow hallways. Capable of holding up to 6 pairs of shoes, the wall mounted metal footwear rack is extremely easy to clean due to the stainless steel material. This means one doesn’t have to be overly concerned about muddy trainers damaging the hallway floor or this shoe racks look. If you buy two or three of these horizontal s-shaped shoe racks, then you can attach them right up the wall as high as you please to create a type of contemporary wall sculpture.

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