Silver Magazine Rack With the Word ‘News’ on the Side

Magazine and newspaper racks are very handy accessories in a home where reading about the latest developments in the world of politics, fashion and culture is prevalent. All too often, our magazines end up sprawled out on a table, stuffed between books on a shelf or left on the floor and kicked under the sofa. With this contemporary silver magazine rack with the word ‘NEWS’ cut into the side, you will have an eye-catching and wonderfully functional storage area for newspapers, magazines, brochures and catalogues.

As can be seen from the image, the word ‘NEWS’ is cut into the metal rack on both sides. The simple design means it will fit in with most types of décor arrangements and will look great on a side table, home office desk or even beside your bed. If you’re looking for a sturdy newspaper rack that will keep your papers tidy, then this modern silver rack is for you.

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