Ladies Clear Shoe Boxes in Pack of 25

When you are in a rush and you need to find a particular pair of shoes, it can be frustrating when you come up with nought despite rummaging around in the bottom of your wardrobe. To fix this problem and keep all your shoes neat, tidy and in an easy-to-find storage compartment, you’ll need this set of 25 ladies shoe boxes made from an extremely durable strong plastic.

The clear material also allows for easy identification of which shoes are needed and thus makes deciding which you want for a particular day or moment, much more simpler and less headache inducing. Add to this, the fact the boxes can be stacked upon one another whilst still providing easy access by the simple opening of the box from the front. Each box can also be taken with you individually via the handle present on each one.

The eco-friendly ladies clear shoe boxes can also be flat packed when not in use. Your wardrobe will never have looked so tidy before.

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