Silhouette World Map Wall Sticker

Geography is a popular interest for many people and this can be complimented with home decor such as this silhouette world map wall sticker. Suitable for kid’s bedrooms as well as home study areas and even living rooms, the black map of the world sticker will add a decidedly international flavour to a space. It’s […]

Helen Duck Egg Basket With Brown and Blue Feathers

Capable of holding up to 12 eggs, this duck egg basket is a fully functional and highly decorative storage feature for your kitchen. The brown and blue feather detailing is distinctive and adds a charm above one’s expectations from an egg basket. Hand painted and made from quality stoneware, the duck themed egg basket is […]

Cubist Bath Taps

For anyone who has an affection of Cubist Art, then these cubist taps for a bathtub will be right up your street. The cube bath taps are a popular choice when it comes to fittings and lend their design to shapes and forms one will see elsewhere in the bathroom interior. The more regular round […]

Red Toilet Paper For Bottoms With Attitude

Tired of boring bog paper? Try some red toilet paper instead and listen to the reaction when guests visit the lavatory. “What the hell is this?!” they’ll exclaim before folding up into laughter. They are not just fun novelty bathroom accessories either for they are perfectly functional as well as environmentally friendly. The red Renova […]

Buying Quality Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets add quality and longevity to any kitchen interior. Natural materials are usually always the best to go with when choosing fitted kitchens and furniture for they are both aesthetically pleasing and naturally strong. Most kitchen interior design schemes will work well with quality oak kitchen cabinet additions and the majority will make […]

Mediterranean Interior Design Themes in the UK

As the name suggests, Mediterranean interior design is the incorporation of decor influences from the regions of southern France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Rich accents are combined with soothing neutral tones to create a delightfully mood uplifting ambiance to an interior. In the United Kingdom, where the climate can often bring on an endless array […]

Rocking Glider Chair Perfect for New Mothers

The glider rocking recliner nursing chair is a perfect furniture piece for new mothers. When breastfeeding and getting a baby to sleep, the gentle rocking movement can calm both mother and child and lead to more comfortable and peaceful moments. Mothers can spend a lot of time seated with their new babies and so the […]

Toy Story Alien Bedtime Comfort Lamp

The popular Toy Story Alien Go Glow Pal Lamp is a wonderful accessory for your child’s bedside table. Many kids love the fun adventures and fantastic characters that make up Toy Story and this glow-in-the-dark alien is no exception. Children become familiar with certain television characters which often give a sense of security for the […]

Halloween Bat Themed Mug in Polka Dot Fashion

Halloween is just around the corner and this colourful bat themed mug is a perfect gift idea for this fun and spooky occasion. As the nights draw in and the ghosts begin to knock on the door, more and more, a nice mug filled with coco will make the evenings seem a little less frightening. […]

Red Wire Wine Rack For The Kitchen

Bring some extra colour to a kitchen or wine cellar interior with this delightful red wire wine rack. Capable of holding up to eight bottles of wine, the red rack can be situated on a counter top or table top in a variety of locations depending on decor requirements. Most metal wine racks are either […]

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