Cubist Bath Taps

For anyone who has an affection of Cubist Art, then these cubist taps for a bathtub will be right up your street. The cube bath taps are a popular choice when it comes to fittings and lend their design to shapes and forms one will see elsewhere in the bathroom interior. The more regular round and spider-like taps can get a little boring and thus something different is often required. That’s where the cube taps come into their own.

With a slightly dalekesque on/off handle, the steel taps add industrial sophistication and modern functionality to bath time. Easy to swing round and attractive to look at, they will compliment a variety of baths as well as similar fittings one might already have. Whether in a town house or a rural area, the metropolitan design of the taps will bring luxurious living to decor styles of a contemporary style.

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