Helen Duck Egg Basket With Brown and Blue Feathers

Capable of holding up to 12 eggs, this duck egg basket is a fully functional and highly decorative storage feature for your kitchen. The brown and blue feather detailing is distinctive and adds a charm above one’s expectations from an egg basket. Hand painted and made from quality stoneware, the duck themed egg basket is great for a country or town home alike, especially if you love eggs and ducks.

It’s made by the British product makers Fairmont & Main, who are based in West Yorkshire. A quality English feel to the design is in keeping with the general ethos of the company who employ British designers. For kitchens with duck and bird themes and utensils already present, this Helen Duck egg basket with decorative brown and blue feathers will compliment and indeed complete that desired ambiance and decor scheme one is looking for. Makes a perfect gift for someone else too.

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