Mediterranean Interior Design Themes in the UK

As the name suggests, Mediterranean interior design is the incorporation of decor influences from the regions of southern France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Rich accents are combined with soothing neutral tones to create a delightfully mood uplifting ambiance to an interior. In the United Kingdom, where the climate can often bring on an endless array of overcast days, a Mediterranean decor style can really bring the warm weather from this region indoors no matter where you live.

There are many elements and options to be found in the Mediterranean theme ranging from the earthy backdrops and beige walls to the ornate sculptures and decorative tiles in beautiful golds, oranges and yellows. Blue and turquoise are also primary colours which echo the deep tones of the Mediterranean sea and summer sky.

Many other decorative additions to your home can be found which are inspired by this particular décor style. Certain types of furniture, textiles, flooring, lighting and even indoor plants lend themselves perfectly to this theme. Things like candles compliment a whole host of styles and Mediterranean interior design is no exception. For the kitchen, a selection of olive oil or balsamic vinegar bottles and vessels will add superb finishing touches.

Candles Cushions Tables

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