Red Classic Dial Telephone Based on a 1970s Model

I’m old enough to remember the classic dial phones from before the age of touch tones and mobiles. This red classic dial telephone is an exciting accessory to bring a retro feel to an interior. Based on a 1970s model of phone, the old-fashioned rotary dial will bring back memories for the older generations and a revival of styles for the younger generations. In the nostalgia stakes, this traditional dial phone is unbeatable when it comes to telephoning.

What’s more, the inside of this classic telephone has been taken from real and actual phones dating back from the 1970’s. These have been tested and quality checked so as to make sure they work efficently and effectively. Only the outer chassis of the phone is new and is identical in all ways to the originals. The rotary dial itself from a model 746 telephone also dates back 30 to 40-odd years and will feel the same as it did way back in the mid-20th Century.

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