Red Toilet Paper For Bottoms With Attitude

Tired of boring bog paper? Try some red toilet paper instead and listen to the reaction when guests visit the lavatory. “What the hell is this?!” they’ll exclaim before folding up into laughter. They are not just fun novelty bathroom accessories either for they are perfectly functional as well as environmentally friendly. The red Renova toilet tissue will have your bottom singing with pride as well as adding a nice decorative touch to a contemporary interior.

Dermatological tested to the max, the red toilet paper leaves no marks behind after it’s fulfilled its duty and is completely biodegradable. They are also soft and absorbent which means they can be used by all the family including children who will likely find them a lot of fun. For bathrooms with a red colour scheme, the red toilet paper rolls will bring a final decorative feature to one of the most used and important rooms in the home.

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