Toy Story Alien Bedtime Comfort Lamp

The popular Toy Story Alien Go Glow Pal Lamp is a wonderful accessory for your child’s bedside table. Many kids love the fun adventures and fantastic characters that make up Toy Story and this glow-in-the-dark alien is no exception. Children become familiar with certain television characters which often give a sense of security for the child if they are alone or scared of the dark.

The Toy Story alien comfort lamp keeps guard during the night hours and when placed within easy reach, can be turned on to offer comfort if your child wakes up a little scared. Three LED lights flick on from within the eyes and gently glow with just the squeeze of the Alien’s hand. After around 15 minutes, when the child will likely have fallen asleep again, the trio of lights turn themselves off. This bedtime comfort lamp basically offers a fun soft toy together with a functioning night light as well as a night time comforter when the dark gets that little bit too scary.

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