Robin Mug For Winter Cups of Hot Tea

The robin is an iconic symbol of the long English winter months. It’s also a popular image during Christmas. This decorative robin mug is ideal for hot cups of tea during the darker period of the year when the robin hops about in the snow looking for food. Bird themed mugs are well liked by many people and they provide pleasing images which enliven the surroundings in which they are located.

The distinctive red breast of the robin, as seen on this robin themed mug, has lent itself to various depictions throughout the ages, most notably in the British Isles. One folk-tale tells of a robin singing soothingly into the ear of Jesus on the cross and the resulting red breast being the blood spilt by Christ. In Victorian England, postmen wore red when delivering mail and were nicknamed ‘robins’. This is in part where the robin Christmas card imagery comes from.

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