Cast Iron Scottish Terrier Dog Bookends

For anyone who loves small dogs, this cast iron pair of Scottish Terrier bookends will make a lovely addition to a bookshelf or table. With life-like detailing, the Scottie dog bookends can hold a collection of books together whether this be in a home study interior or in the main living room or master bedroom. […]

Winnie the Pooh Fitted Sheet for Children

Winnie the Pooh has been a children’s favourite for over 90 years. This Winnie the Pooh bear fitted sheet for children is thus a great bedroom accessory for kids who have grown fond of the cuddly little bear and his friends. Made from 100% printed cotton, the fitted sheet will compliment a multitude of bedroom […]

Tall Andorra Solid Oak Bookcase

A nice oak bookcase makes a functional and attractive addition to most varieties of interior decor. The tall Andorra solid oak bookcase is a quality furniture piece with clean lines and a solid framework which will hold many dozens of books and ornaments. Elegance and charm embody the design of this versatile piece of furniture […]

Union Jack Storage Bench for British Patriots

Bring a touch of British patriotism to your home with this delightful Union Jack storage bench. Combining two types of furniture in one, the British flag themed furniture piece brings together a storage box with an indoor bench. The red, white and blue of the bench will contribute a colourful addition to an interior and […]

Kid’s Red Car Doorstop Covered With Fine Quality Cotton

Little boys love playing with toy cars. It is therefore no surprise that they will adore car themed accessories for their bedroom or playroom. This kid’s red car doorstop is a functional decorative addition for beside a doorway of the child’s special room. When the door needs to be kept ajar for ventilation or playtime […]

Metal Bronze Meerkat Sculpture by Paul Jenkins

Everyone in Britain by now is familiar with the ubiquitous insurance advert featuring the talking meerkats. This metal meerkat sculpture brings this beautiful creature a little closer to home and will look adorable in a living room or dining room. Maxwell is its name and it has been created by Paul Jenkins who has designed […]

Floral Marrakesh Style Coffee Table

When visiting guests first see this delightful floral coffee table they will think you’ve recently returned from a holiday in Morocco. What’s more, they’ll believe you’ve bought this table in some romantic Marrakesh souk and brought it all the way home with you. That’s exactly what this table is meant to be, a Marrakesh style […]