Cast Iron Scottish Terrier Dog Bookends

For anyone who loves small dogs, this cast iron pair of Scottish Terrier bookends will make a lovely addition to a bookshelf or table. With life-like detailing, the Scottie dog bookends can hold a collection of books together whether this be in a home study interior or in the main living room or master bedroom. They’ll also make great gift accessory ideas for anyone you know who might have this breed of dog as a pet or who has a fascination with dogs in general.

The Scottish Terrier is also known as the Aberdeen Terrier and is distinctive in shape. With a wiry coat and rugged build, the Scottie dog has become a popular choice for many across the world. They’ve also been highly successful in dog breeding competitions, most notably the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Some of the most famous Scottie dogs like these Scottish Terrier bookends made from iron include George W. Bush’s ‘Barney’, Roosevelt’s ‘Meggie’ as well as dogs owned by Queen Victoria, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the Monopoly dog.

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