Floral Marrakesh Style Coffee Table

When visiting guests first see this delightful floral coffee table they will think you’ve recently returned from a holiday in Morocco. What’s more, they’ll believe you’ve bought this table in some romantic Marrakesh souk and brought it all the way home with you. That’s exactly what this table is meant to be, a Marrakesh style coffee table for an elegant living room. Arabic floral patterns adorn the surface of the table and will compliment a whole host of existing decor schemes one might already have in place.

The coffee table is made from wood and has been embossed with aluminium and given a blackened antique finish. This produces as aged effect and lends the Marrakesh table an air of old-worldly charm. If you like North African designs and Arab art, then this coffee table will become a firm favourite with you and the family, especially when combined with beautiful pottery, tableware, art work and flowers.

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