Kid’s Red Car Doorstop Covered With Fine Quality Cotton

Little boys love playing with toy cars. It is therefore no surprise that they will adore car themed accessories for their bedroom or playroom. This kid’s red car doorstop is a functional decorative addition for beside a doorway of the child’s special room. When the door needs to be kept ajar for ventilation or playtime purposes, the car shaped doorstop will provide all the weight needed to keep the door from closing.

The red car doorstop for children is covered with fine quality cotton and is padded to fulfil safety standards. Blue and white wheels create a nice colourful contrast with the main red body of the car design. When not in use as a doorstop, it can become part of the child’s toy collection or alternatively, a decorative accent piece. Children are attracted to colourful items and this car themed doorstop will bring a smile to many a little boy’s face when given as a gift.

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