Metal Bronze Meerkat Sculpture by Paul Jenkins

Everyone in Britain by now is familiar with the ubiquitous insurance advert featuring the talking meerkats. This metal meerkat sculpture brings this beautiful creature a little closer to home and will look adorable in a living room or dining room. Maxwell is its name and it has been created by Paul Jenkins who has designed quite a range of delightful animal statues for Frith Sculpture.

The bronze metal meerkat sculpture shows the animal standing on its hind legs looking towards the horizon. This is a well known pose for anyone who has watched nature and wildlife documentaries of the expressive little mammal which is part of the mongoose family. The meerkat is found mostly in the African Kalahari desert where they forage for food including lizards, scorpions, spiders, snakes and plants. Together with the television advert and nature programmes, the likes of this bronze meerkat sculpture have become highly popular.

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