Cork Wine Bottle Rack with Curved Corners

When we think of wine and cork we usually imagine the cork which we have to pull open that is on the top end of the bottle. However, this free-standing cork wine rack takes this strong and impermeable material to another level. Able to fit up to six wine bottles at any one time, this rack made from cork material is perfect for a home décor environment which cherishes fine wines and the cultural authenticity of many wine and cork producing countries such as Portugal and Spain.

Cork comes from the Quercus suber, which is more commonly known as The Cork Tree. Its buoyancy, elasticity, and fire resistance has made it the ideal material for stopping wine bottles and for a variety of other uses such as fishing buoys, bulletin boards, insulation and even flooring tiles. This natural coloured cork wine holder with curved corners will sit well on a kitchen counter and add an attractive and functional element to the space.

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