Bordeaux Oval Coffee Table With 2 Drawers

No matter how large the surface area of a coffee table, there always seems to be a time when we could do with a whole lot more space. This Bordeaux oval coffee table fulfils this desire with the addition of two drawers and shelving beneath the top of the table. These inbuilt qualities are going to be helpful if, like me, you want a wide variety of everyday accessories close to hand and/or are completing a multitude of different small tasks whilst watching the television. Then there’s the afternoons or evenings when guests come to visit and you want a quality furniture piece to compliment your interior decor.

The oval coffee table with 2 drawers is made from alder wood and has added cherry veneers. This is completed nicely with a clear lacquer finish which gives protection from stains as well as a gentle shine. As coffee tables go, the Bordeaux is a unique and pleasing design which will bring both attractive form as well as high functionality with the in-built shelves and drawers. Place your drinks, newspaper or decorative sculptures on the top whilst storing small board games, pot-pourri, candles and regularly needed items below, either inside the drawers or on a secondary display level to the sides.

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