Elegant Angel Wing Design Mirror

Angel Wing MirrorIf you love angel wings or birds then this elegant wing design mirror will be just up your street. Made from 100% glass, this wing shaped mirror comes with hand finished bevelled edges for extra safety and style. The double panes allow for a certain amount of dexterity when it comes to their placement on a bedside table, dressing table or shelf. The reflections in the glass feathers will also bring extra light and a greater sense of space to an interior.

The mirrored wings, whilst advertised as angel wings can also be considered as imagery connected to birds, freedom, peace or even motorbike symbolism if one is that way inclined. For frequent motorbike riders, like my neighbours, the stand-alone angel mirror will be a perfect accompaniment to a hallway or living room space where bike themed décor is desired. The wings will also look good in a meditation room or bathroom where a sense of serenity and peace will be portrayed.

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