Frith Sculpture Huey Hare with Bronze Finish by Paul Jenkins

If like me you find the natural world an amazing and beautiful arena where art and poetry is inspired at every turn, then you’ll love with adorable bronze hare statue by Paul Jenkins. A delightful expression of gentle puzzlement is etched across the animal’s face as it sits with seeming contentment. The sculpture will look wonderful as an accent piece in a living room, dining room or hallway where family and visitors alike will be unable to avoid glancing at the aesthetically pleasing statue.

Renowned sculptor Paul Jenkins’ work is displayed in homes and galleries across the nation and this is due to his exquisite skill in portraying animals of many varieties in statuesque form. The Huey Hare is just such an example of his craftsmanship and will likely have you working hard not to buy a whole load more of his fabulous pieces which include portrayals of cats and dogs. The hare sculpture is made from resin and has been given a bronze finish.

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