Hessian Door Stop with Decorative Beaded Tassel

Tired of propping open the doors in your home with shoes, brooms or chairs? A beautiful Hessian door stop is most definitely a better alternative and one which will give your interior decor a lift. This one to the right is handmade in the fair county of Suffolk and comes with a decorative beaded tassel. Weighing approximately 250 grams, the stopper can hold open most door sizes and withstand a good breeze, if you should so choose to leave your door open. Floral patterns are discernible and these bring a rural theme and grace to the inside of the home which will be especially appealing to more urban households.

Hessian cloth is a dense woven fabric (historically it was often coarse) which is used in the creation of a variety of objects ranging from carpets and covers to rugs and bags. Composed of jute or sisal, Hessian gained its name from the German state of Hessen due to the fact that uniform of the soldiers who once came from that region were made from the material. This Hessian door stop is far from coarse and is appealing in both looks and touch. The insides are filled with polypropylene granules which add the weight needed to keep doors open when you want. Owing to the shape of the item, it is extremely easy just to tug or quickly carry the door stop to whichever door location you require its services for.

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