Large Brabantia Laundry Bin in Stainless Steel – 50L

It’s a shame to always want to hide the laundry basket or hamper all the time because one thinks of it as unsightly. Instead, an addition to your laundry room or kitchen can be both functional and attractive such as this large 50L Brabantia laundry bin made from stainless steel and accompanied by a wooden lid. Its size means it will be ideal for a multi-person household and a great concept for families who are too busy to clean clothes during the week and choose to do so on weekends.

The stainless steel laundry bin, or steel barrel as it’s more aptly called, has a perforated base which allows ventilation and prevents excess odours from occurring. A removable cotton liner makes taking the dirty laundry to the washing machine as easy as can be. On the very bottom of the laundry bin is a plastic base which prevents slipping, sliding and scrapping which might otherwise damage flooring. The removable wooden lid also has a small hole in the centre for easy dropping of smaller items of clothing. This negates the need for you to constantly lift the lid when merely wanting to drop a pair of socks or small hand towel into the dirty laundry storage bin.

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