Metal Bird Cage Ornament with Hanging Hook

There are countless possibilities to be had with this wonderful metal bird cage ornament. It can act as a stand-alone decorative accent to go in a room with a decidedly bird-themed orientation or it can act as an attractive holder for other small items and trinkets. Small metal legs mean the cage ornament can be placed upon a table top or alternatively the ring at the top allows it to be hung from the ceiling or other small hook on a wall.

The top part of the small bird cage can be taken off which allows for other items such as dried plants, incense sticks, little stuffed animals, sculptures or candles to be placed inside. The latter possibility with beautiful candles means the cage bars will further accentuate a room during the evening when the lights are turned down low and shadow silhouettes on the wall begin to flicker. One can even find a replica bird of any species and place it inside as well.

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