Narrow Black Magna Shelving Unit on Wheels

You don’t need wide furniture to create a great impression in a home interior. Narrow furniture such as this black Magna shelving unit on wheels can fulfil a variety of roles you might not otherwise have thought of as well as provide a decent amount of display and storage space. This attractive narrow shelving unit which rests on a set of four casters will look wonderful in a multitude of settings within the home including in the living room, dining room, a bedroom or even in the hallway if there is space. Depending on situations, you can move it from one part of an interior to another, as the whim of the moment takes you, owing to the easy-to-move wheels.

Display furniture is highly useful and needs to have a certain attractive quality to it even though the objects being shown upon it are the key interest. You can place photo frames, sculptures, flowers and perhaps most importantly, books, on this modern and sleek black Magna shelving unit with the knowledge they will be beautifully framed, almost like they are in an art gallery or exhibition. As an alternative to placing the shelves against a wall, the unit can be spun around and centred in the middle of a large or long room thereby furthering its uses and making it a kind of room divider or screen. It’s a versatile piece of furniture indeed.

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