Rialto Storage Cube Perfect for Home Organisation

It can be a chore reaching for stored-away items beneath a sofa or bed. Instead, why not combine extra storage needs with an attractive furniture piece that can also act as a small seat. This is exactly what this Rialto storage cube is and its delightful design makes it ideal for a wide variety of interior décor schemes. One can also place it in front of an armchair for use as a foot rest or alternatively, locate it in a position where it can become an accent piece in itself.

The sides are made from rattan with inside wood supports which provide a sturdy structure to the cube. On top there’s a padded leather lid which adds aesthetic charm to the setting where it is to be found. It’s relatively small but perfect for storing objects you might need at least once a week and which would otherwise be stuffed in already chocker-block drawers, cupboards or underneath some other item of furniture. With the Rialto storage cube, one can bring quality design to a room as well as functionality when it comes to storage needs.

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