Union Jack Flag Rug for British Patriots

Despite what some naysayers might say, there’s nothing wrong with a good dose of patriotism. When you can combine pride for your nation with decorative accessories for the home, then you’re on to a very good thing indeed. This Union Jack flag rug is just the type of item I am talking about and will add style, colour and sentimental feelings to a bedroom or games room floor. It’s also a perfect gift idea for special national occasions such as international sporting events or even royal weddings.

Made from 100% acrylic, the British flag rug is made to last and is incredibly easy to clean and wipe away stains from. This has been noted by previous buyers and is thus a great decorative floor possibility for areas where a lot of food and drink is consumed, plus ‘rough and tumble’, such as a kid’s bedroom, adult games room or a sports themed room where friends will be coming over to watch the Olympics or Formula One. The Union Jack themed rug will bring out national pride in everyone.

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