Versatile Mini-Table Designed for a Snug Fit with a Sofa, Armchair or Bed

Have you ever wondered whether there is a furniture piece that will suit all your favourite hobbies and needs in the home? Perhaps you like to do jigsaws, read or watch television whilst eating dinner. If this sounds familiar, then you’ll wonder why you have spent so long without a versatile mini-table like the one in the picture to the right. Designed with snugness in mind, the small table will function perfectly with a variety of large furniture items such as sofas, armchairs and beds so as to allow you to carry out activities you would normally need a standard dining room table or desk for.

The mini-table is particularly suitable for the elderly and allows a myriad of hobbies and every day actions to be enjoyed in one place and on one single piece of furniture. These might include playing cards, writing letters, reading the newspaper or painting. The table itself is made from sturdy tubular metal which gives it strength and makes it very easy to clean. As well as this, the multipurpose mini-table also folds away when not in use thereby freeing up floor space for other functions.

The special design of the legs allows for the table to tuck under a sofa or armchair thus moving the table’s surface close to your body. Then there’s also the height adjustments that can be made, not to mention the three handy angle choices. Wonderful for the elderly and suitable for all other age groups as well. If like me, you spend a lot of time on the laptop, then this mini-table can also act as a laptop computer table.

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