Cast Iron Nutcracker with Bowl Catcher

It can be a difficult task finding home accessories that fulfil both the functional and decorative roles in one go. This cast iron nutcracker with a bowl catcher for the empty shells definitely fulfils both these requirements and more. Made from cast iron, the attractive screw device will sit well on any surface area when […]

John Lewis Valencia Snuggler Chair in Walnut

A large comfortable chair is a desirable choice for most living room interiors. This beautiful rich walnut Valencia Snuggler chair from John Lewis is no exception and will become a much welcomed permanent feature to a lounge. Are you a young couple moving into a new home together for the first time? This Snuggler, which […]

Guzzini Latina Set of 5 Red Knives with Block

The Guzzini Latina red knife set with accompanying ultra-modern block is one of the most unusual knife sets I’ve seen. The sculptural knife block is akin to liquid metal and is certainly a stylish feature for a kitchen interior. Designed by Angeletti Ruzza, the luxury highly polished stainless steel knife set and block will draw […]

Set of 3 Round Cake Tins in Colourful Flower Patterns

Everyone loves cake and what better container to store them in than one of these colourful floral cake tins? Highly decorative and enough on their own to brighten up even the gloomiest kitchen interior. They’ll certainly be a highlight during the colder months when cake eating is generally an accepted way to lesson those winter […]

Plant Pot Movers on Wheels for Easier Movement

Trying to move big and heavy indoor plants can be a pain in the back, quite literally. This need not be the case however as these plant pot movers on wheels show. Instead of lumbering around the conservatory, kitchen or dining room with a heavy potted plant, you can instead place these metal carriers beneath […]

Red Butterfly Clock with 3 Individual Matching Butterflies

Few clocks allow you to be as creative as the red butterfly wall clock by Susanne Philippson. Highly philosophical in meaning, the butterfly clock symbolises the passing of time and the moments in life that pass us by and fly away without us even realising. For artists, poets and creative minds, this dynamic wall clock […]

Vancouver Solid Oak Glazed Display Cabinet

A wooden display cabinet is a widely popular furniture items in many homes across the country. Secure and stable, they provide attractive storage and display space for ornaments, china collections and other decorative items. Some cabinets come without doors whilst others include windowed door panels which can either be left closed or opened out into […]

White Wild Flowers Embroidered Bedding Set

One of the best ways to improve the amount of light and brightness in a bedroom interior is to use a white bedding set. The white wild flowers embroidered bed set as seen in the picture to the right is a great example of how duvet covers can really lift the ambiance of a space, […]

Red Dualit NewGen Toaster with 4 Slots – Online Exclusive

Hopefully this marvellous red 4-slot toaster from Dualit NewGen will still be available when you read this. That’s because this toaster is an online exclusive and cannot be found via ordinary brick and mortar shops on the high street. Huge popularity means stocks are dwindling quickly and might well be sold out in the near […]

William and Kate Royal Wedding Commemorative Ceramics

Kitchenware and dinnerware pieces signifying important national occasions have been common practice for centuries. It is therefore no surprise to see William and Kate royal wedding commemorative ceramic pieces available to buy soon before the special occasion. The future king and queen are set to marry on the 29th of April this year and millions […]

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