Cast Iron Nutcracker with Bowl Catcher

It can be a difficult task finding home accessories that fulfil both the functional and decorative roles in one go. This cast iron nutcracker with a bowl catcher for the empty shells definitely fulfils both these requirements and more. Made from cast iron, the attractive screw device will sit well on any surface area when in use or otherwise. As previous reviewers have stated, it is highly functional and does its job very well.

The easy to use screw cracking device makes it easy for anyone to crack the toughest of nuts. Whether you are a young teenager or someone who suffers from arthritis, the iron nutcracker will take the strain and grimace out of the process which is usually associated with eating your favourite nuts. The bowl means there won’t be a mess afterwards thus making this apparatus a great 2-in-1 table-top accessory for after dinner snacks.

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