Child’s Version of the Victoria Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck

Philipper Starck, the famous French furniture and product designer, is the name behind the stunning Victoria Ghost Chair from Kartell. However, in previous years, the innovative chair has been for the sole enjoyment of adults and left small kids worldwide wishing their little legs would grow quickly so they too could enjoy the comfort and sophistication of sitting in a Starck chair. However, they need not wish for extended height now for Kartell have brought out a miniature version of the Victoria Ghost chair especially for children.

Your son or daughter will now be the coolest kid in the school and with this clear lilac polycarbonate armchair situated in their bedroom, they’ll be bring friends home left, right and centre just to show off. It’s unfair for adults to always enjoy the most stylish products and so a child’s version of a highly iconic and popular furniture piece will bring smiles to both the kids and you as it will add a touch of class to the entire household. Place the chair in the child’s bedroom or alternatively in the main living room where the whole family can enjoy the modern cult classic.

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