Eddingtons Lambourne Butcher’s Trolley Made from Beech Wood

A butcher’s trolley is truly one of the most versatile items of furniture a kitchen and home can have. There are a multitude of different uses and functions such an item can perform whilst also bringing grace and aesthetic charm to the setting in which it is located. In fact, it’s one of my favourite items of furniture. The butcher block cart as it’s sometimes known as can be utilised as a cutting board, a storage feature, a service trolley, an extra table or even as a side table where drinks and accessories can be kept.

The Eddingtons Lambourne butcher’s trolley as shown here is made from solid beech wood which has a delightful appearance and is very strong. Three drawers for utensils hide beneath the trolley’s top whilst below two shelves, one solid, the other slatted, provide space for storing rattan baskets, appliances, cookware or food stuffs whilst food preparation or service is taking place. Heavy duty and lockable casters make from butcher’s trolley manoeuvrable and easy to position where desired.

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