Le Creuset Breakfast Collection – Red Cerise

Mornings are not everyone’s cup of tea but with this colourful Le Creuset Breakfast Collection they will certainly be much more palatable. The Cerise range features a collection of tea and coffee accessories which are familiar to homes across the nation. These include a teapot, mug, milk jug and sugar bowl which are designed in a matching style and will look beautiful in a kitchen or bedroom setting.

Each stoneware breakfast table accessory in this collection has been fully enamelled so as to provide excellent protection against wear and tear, as well as prolonging the usefulness of the attractive pieces. They are all dishwasher safe too which means they are great for people who just hate to do the washing-up the old fashioned way. Positioned on your kitchen counter top or on a prominent shelf, the red Cerise teaware service from Le Creuset will bring brightness, warmth and energy to those dark and dreary mornings.

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