Red Butterfly Clock with 3 Individual Matching Butterflies

Few clocks allow you to be as creative as the red butterfly wall clock by Susanne Philippson. Highly philosophical in meaning, the butterfly clock symbolises the passing of time and the moments in life that pass us by and fly away without us even realising. For artists, poets and creative minds, this dynamic wall clock with matching butterflies will make a stunning decorative addition to an interior space and especially a home office, bedroom or artist’s studio.

The red round wall clock comes with a section of the face cut out as though the butterflies have detached themselves and flown away. This corresponds of course with the 3 individual and matching butterfly shapes which can be attached to the wall in any fashion you so wish, whether very near to the clock face or even on the other side of the room. The choice is yours but no matter where, the bond between the clock and red winged shapes will remain.

Made from lacquered steel, the red butterfly wall clock will certainly make an instant impression on family members and friends alike and will no doubt become a talking point and catalyst for philosophical discussions.

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