Red Dualit NewGen Toaster with 4 Slots – Online Exclusive

Hopefully this marvellous red 4-slot toaster from Dualit NewGen will still be available when you read this. That’s because this toaster is an online exclusive and cannot be found via ordinary brick and mortar shops on the high street. Huge popularity means stocks are dwindling quickly and might well be sold out in the near future.

The red toaster with capacity to toast four slices of bread at a time is also capable of toasting up to a rate of 130 slices per hour as well as catering for bagels, tea cakes and waffles. For a large family this comes in extremely handy during the morning rush to make breakfast for kids who need to get to school and adults who are half-asleep and contemplating the journey to work.

An economical and eco-friendly element to this Dualit NewGen toaster is its ability to save electricity via special controls that allow you to choose how many of the slots are in use at any one time. These settings are also complimented with extra helpful controls including defrosting and requirements for other forms of food such as bagels.

Optional extras to this stylish red toaster are a sandwich cage as well as an adjustable foot to prevent any unforeseen wobbles from accidentally banging against the table leg or counter. Each one is assembled carefully by hand and thus assures that each toaster is a quality piece ready for the often hectic kitchen environment.

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