Set of 3 Round Cake Tins in Colourful Flower Patterns

Everyone loves cake and what better container to store them in than one of these colourful floral cake tins? Highly decorative and enough on their own to brighten up even the gloomiest kitchen interior. They’ll certainly be a highlight during the colder months when cake eating is generally an accepted way to lesson those winter blues. In summer, they’ll compliment your garden flowers outside and increase the brightness in the interior.

The flower themed cake tins have been made to raise money for the British National Gardens Scheme (NGS) and can be used in the home or as decorative cake storage items to take to a fair, school fete or a loved one. Each tin is of a different size to the next and are thus suitable for a variety of cake sizes and types. Place them on a kitchen counter top and they will add a decorative element to the interior. The pretty flower patterns will also match well with other kitchenware in the Flowers Series such as plates, bowls and napkins.

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