Types of Walk-In Showers For Domestic Bathrooms

When choosing a new shower it is important to decide on what decor styles and basic functional requirements are necessary for your bathroom. Is there an elderly or disabled family member? Is your bathroom lacking in space? These are a few points to consider when contemplating the type of walk-in shower you need for your home. So what styles of shower are there?

The most common variety is the standard shower stall with an upright enclosure. A door provides a barrier to prevent water leakage to the rest of the interior. There are a multitude of door styles, some being single sliding versions whilst others are doubled and open outwards into the room. Inside these stalls there can be found numerous additional elements, depending on which type you purchase, including shelving and even benches.

A second common style is the shower-bathtub combination. As one might imagine, these combine a traditional shower structure with the classic bath features. If you are lacking space in your bathroom, then this type of shower will be ideal and will require very little additional space than one will have already. When you’ve had a quick shower to clean the grime from daily activities, one can then relax and soak in a nice hot bath whilst reading or listening to the radio. There are also thousands of colourful and fun shower curtain designs which will complement existing bathroom decor features.

A third style of shower is the handicap walk-in shower which is highly beneficial for people with physical disabilities. Inside the shower area are handles and bars from which the occupant can find a strong sense of security and stability whilst washing. The ground is usually flat with special accessories to make accessibility easier.

For anyone with a claustrophobic fear of shower stalls and cubicles, there are a number of walk-in shower designs which are doorless and open to the rest of the interior. These can be expensive however and take up a lot of space. Other walk-in shower models come with steam generators, rather like those found in a sauna.

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