Burford Stainless Steel 4-Hole Toothbrush Holder

With more than 2 people in a household, it’s wise to purchase a toothbrush holder that can cater to more teeth cleaning tools. This Burford stainless steel toothbrush holder can hold up to 4 at any one time and provide an attractive and simple storage element to the bathroom interior. Placed directly on the sink or a nearby shelf, the holder will become a sturdy and easy to clean feature that will stand the test of time and any wear and tear.

The hand finished and polished nature of the toothbrush holder, which incidentally is part of the Burford range by Robert Welch, means the holder will not corrode or rust and will thus retain its clean appearance and appealing glint. The simple shape and clean lines so synonymous with this brand allow it to either merge into or highlight existing bathroom décor schemes and settings, depending on your desired outcome. Perfect for Mum, Dad and two children.

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