Define Oil and Vinegar Pourers Made From Polished Steel

When serving a meal it’s important to have the various tableware accessories as attractive and functional as possible. This oil and vinegar pourer set which is made from polished steel fits both these requirements and will add more charm to an already stylish kitchen. If you like dishes with a particular Italian and Mediterranean flavour especially then the oil drizzler will come in very handy. Both are arranged on a solid rich chestnut coloured sheesham wood base which is made from a hard wood originating from India.

Neither the oil nor the vinegar drizzler have handles and this doesn’t matter for they are made to fit the size of the hand. Smooth, shiny, reflective and very easy to clean, but above all, they have an ultra-modern sleekness to them which will bring much to evening dinner occasions. The round tops add curves to the scene which bring contemporary table and dinnerware to a whole new level of interest and entertainment.

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