Hand Carved Heritage Wooden Bread Bin With Fold Down Slicing Board

Wooden bread bins are widespread and very popular storage items for the kitchen. However, some have aspects which add a little something special to the scenery and this is the case with this hand carved wooden bread bin with a fold down slicing board. Combing storage and cutting functionality into one item, the Heritage bread bin saves on the need for extra bread cutting boards which means less items taking up kitchen counter space, which for a small kitchen, is a great help.

The wooden bread bin is made from hevea wood which is taken from Rubber Trees traditionally grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, although this hevea wood is taken from the Hevea brasiliensis which grows in South America. Inscribed on the front of the bread box are the words ‘Bread’ and it is this very section of the bin that folds down to provide a bread cutting board. It’s functional and beautiful which makes it perfect for the home interior.

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