Hen Themed Key Holder Cupboard in Wire and Wood

Keys are constantly getting lost and one of their most frequent hiding places is beneath small gaps under furniture. However, there are special little key cupboards available and as well as being functional are often also very decorative. This hen themed key holder cupboard is just such an example and is made from a combination of wire mesh and wood together with a beautiful light blue (weathered) coat of paint.

The front door of the key holder cupboard has been cut into the shape of a hen and filled in with the wire mesh to give a cage like appearance. This wire will not only add a farmyard theme and feel to the holder but also keep the keys inside safe and secure. Inside the small retro cupboard are six hooks on which to place keys of any size and type, ranging from the front and back door keys to the car and garage door keys. The key holder cupboard is decidedly rural in appearance but will compliment home interiors of any style, whether in the country or the middle of a big city.

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